Watch this short video if you've ever lost a trade to emotions. AI Trading Algos don't have emotions.


AI Can remove your emotions, automate your trading

Get access to the AI Algo Trade Bootcamp that takes the complications out of trading & get access to AI that can code for you

What's in THE AI Algo Camp?

​​14 days of training videos Helping you Master AI Algo Trading

7 FULL Trading Algorithms & all the code instantly

Full Support to answer any questions you have during the camp

Huge Bonuses Like Luxee AI Unlmited Access so you can have AI code for you

Get The Entire AI Algo Trading Camp & All The Code Instantly!

Once you join the Bootcamp, you will instantly learn the most INNOVATIVE indicators & ideas that will help you MASTER AI ALGO TRADING including how to use AI in order to do the hard work for you! You also get instant access to all the codes.


  • Lesson 1: Intro to AI Algorithmic Trading 
  • Lesson 2: How to Use AI in Algo Trading
  • ​Lesson 3: AI Prompt List for Algo Trading
  • ​Lesson 4: Machine Learning in Trading
  • Lesson 5: Algo Trading Basics & How AI Helps
  • Lesson 6: Coding Algo Orders w/ AI
  • Lesson 7: ​​Coding Risk Management
  • Lesson 8: ​​Coding SMA Indicator
  • Lesson 9: ​​Coding RSI indicator
  • Lesson 10: ​Coding VWMA indicator
  • ​​Lesson 11: Coding VWAP indicator
  • ​Lesson 12: How to use AI for Backtesting
  • Lesson 13: Full AI for Coding Masterclass
  • ​Lesson 14: 6 Algo Trading Algo Walkthrough
  • ​Lesson 15: ​Learn How to Code in Python (Optional)

 FULL Trading Algorithms & all the codes

  • Turtle Trending Algorithm: This algorithm analyzes the past 55 time periods and buys and sells based off the overall market trend + a few indicators
  • Order Book Stalking Algo: It works for any timeframe, stop loss or take profit. it’s super easy to modify and very well documented
  • ​The Engulfing Algorithm: This algorithms waits for a specific type of engulfing candles before it enters long or short
  • The Breakout Algo: This is a trading algorithm that is built to capture breakouts or breakdowns 
  • The Correlation Algorithm: This algorithm looks at the correlation between a bunch of asserts like BTC & ETH then waits until it sees divergence and then enter a long or short position

bonus items

  • Bonus 1: Mean Reversion Algo This algo trades a mean reversion strategy on 74 symbols at the same time and is super easy to make work on any exchange you'd like to use.
  • Bonus 2: The Market Maker Algo This is one of my favorite algorithms because it's meant to work in any market and trade long and short. There is a 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk to joining.


  • 5 AI Masterclasses showing how to use AI in your algo trading
  • ​Save thousands of hours trying to think of solutions
  • ​Have the AI write 99% of the code for you
  • ​Learn all my favorite prompts to get the AI to work for you
  • ​​Learn how to have the AI come up with trading ideas for you
  • ​Learn how to have the AI backtest strategies for you
  • ​Learn how to have AI code the live trading algos for you

LUXEE AI unlimited Access


  • You get unlimited access to Luxee Ai - the ai chat platform for finance
  • Luxee AI is built by algo traders, for algo traders to code algos & backtests faster
  • Luxee will be able to help you code new algos, backtests and so much more
  • ​Luxee will help you learn anything whenever you get stuck
  • ​Luxee will help you research profitable trading strategies
  • ​Luxee can help with literally anything as it knows everything
  • ​You get unlimited access to Luxee AI when you join the AI Algo Trade Camp

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My name is Moon Dev. I have been crawling the interwebs since I was a kid... gaming, building businesses, trading, and investing. I love to boogie board in my spare time but find myself mostly in the house coding these days. Coding, especially algos, is like a never-ending game of Zelda. It's just the right amount of challenge with a super speedy feedback loop


If I could turn back time, I would have never pushed buy or sell on any stock or crypto myself. Why? because I'm a human and can not compete with robots. As a human, I have emotions, and things to do, I can't stare at the price charts all day and interpret millions of data points
Most of the trading that goes on today is done by robots, so it was time to either fight the bots or join them

The hedge funds and banks that use the bots want to make it seem like it is impossible to do what they do. It's not. You just have to want to do it and not give up til you get there
Trading by hand vs these bots is so unfair. it's like trying to do really hard math in your head vs someone doing it with a calculator

The worst part about it is that new bots are deployed every day. if you don't have one, the bots will slowly but surely eat your lunch

After spending endless months trying to find some high-quality training on how to build trading bots, I found next to nothing. This is the most secretive industry I have ever seen on the internet.
So since I've learned almost everything on the internet, and there is no one teaching the proper way to Algo trade, I must teach it. That's why I put this Bootcamp together, so I could help as many people in the world become Algo traders

When you join the Bootcamp, you'll learn everything you need about Algo trading. You'll learn exactly what I wish I knew when I started. I would have done anything to have access to this Bootcamp when I was getting started

The Best Decision...

What's the worst that can happen? Did you learn everything I know about coding and Algo trading? Do you get all my secrets? all my code? The average developer is getting paid over 100k per year in the US, and that's not even mentioning Algo traders... not the worst fallback, IMO 
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100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee - if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the bootcamp, email us and get a 100% refund, no questions asked.


We are in a special time of the world. AI is brand new, and if you master it, no one will be able to compete with you. 

That's why i put together this AI ALGO TRADE CAMP, so you can get a huge head start and see how to use AI to code for you and build the best trading algos possible.

Join The Bootcamp TODAY, we will not be offering this for long because This is gold we are only allowing 100 members so click on the button below to join now!

I'm all in on algo trading and not stopping til 500%+ per year ROI.

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